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The Only Fully Automated Contest Creation Tool
That Integrates With ClickBank in Just 5 Minutes

Finally! You Can Now Create Fully Automated JV Contests For Your ClickBank Launch In Under 5 Minutes Flat!

Attract more affiliates, get more sales and create a launch buzz that get's affiliates mailing again and again. 

Created By ClickBank Marketers For ClickBank Marketers

Now you can create fully integrated automated contests for your ClickBank launches.

Easy 5 Minute Setup

Simple 5 Minute Contest Setup Using Our Revolutionary Contest Building Interface.

Attract More Affiliates

We all know that running JV contests is the best way to get affiliates on board and keep them mailing.

Create Multiple Contests

Create multiple contests including pre launch contests, closing contests, mid launch contests, etc.

Get More Sales

With Contest Hero you will get more sales from your launches via ClickBank, guaranteed.

 The Number 1 Way to Get More Affiliates On Board For Your Launch is to create a launch contest

Let's be 100% straight here, every successful launch you see online has one big thing in common. They all run a launch contest. Affiliates love nothing more than seeing their name on a leaderboard and it keeps them mailing again and again.

The simple truth is if you are launching products online and you aren't running JV Contests your launch is doomed from the second you make it live.

That's where Clickbank Contest Hero comes in, it enables you to create unlimited contests for any launch that you can display on your JV page in real time to keep affiliates mailing again and again.

We Created ClickBank Contest Hero Because There was Nothing Out There That Could Run JV Contests on The ClickBank Platform

We launch a lot of products on ClickBank and the truth is there wasn't anything out there that can run automated JV contests on the ClickBank platform, so we created ClickBank Contest Hero out of necessity to help us get more sales from our own launches.

After running ClickBank Contest Hero on some of our own launches we were delighted with the results and we were able to attract more affiliates and automate the whole process.

Then we decided to let others take advantage of what we created and this is the result.

Top Vendors Love ClickBank Contest Hero
Because it Gets results...

Nick James

Omar Martin

Mystery Marketer

Now you can create any kind of Automated Competitions for your ClickBank products.

Pre Launch Contests

Run pre a launch contest to create a launch buzz prior to launch

 Launch Contests

Create a main launch contest to keep affiliates promoting

Closing Contests

Closing contests can create huge sales at the close of your launch

Mid Launch Contests

Run a mid launch contest to keep your launch buzz going

Monthly Contests

Monthly contests are great for long term affiliate support

Annual Contests

You can even run annual contests, the choice is yours

Here's How ClickBank Contest Hero Will Help You Make More Sales:

Attract And Motivate More Affiliates.

Affiliates love nothing more than seeing their name on a contest leaderboard. 

When you run contests affiliates will see their standing in real time and this will keep them mailing again and again to try to improve their rankings.

Focus on Your Marketing.

ClickBank Contest Hero allows you to fully automate any contests you create, this allows you to focus on marketing your product.

No more manually updating your leaderboards every day and leaving affiliates wondering if they have climbed your leaderboard. It's all done for you.

Be Good To Go In Around 5 Minutes.

Once set up ClickBank Contest Hero allows you run any contest you choose in around 5 minutes

This means you can create any sort of contest you wish and then sit back and watch the sales roll in.

Plus if You Act Now We will give you access to our 6 figure launch battle plan Valued at $197 Completely free...

This is our private step by step 'Launch Battle Plan' that we have created for our own launches and it's yours completely free with any plan. Inside you will learn the step by step process that we apply to all of our launches. If you follow the checklist you will be in a position to recruit more affiliates and have a successful launch.


100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is covered by our 30 day 'no questions asked' guarantee. Try ClickBank Contest Hero today and if you don't think you will get more sales from this ground breaking software simply let us know within 30 days and we will refund every penny. Start running your first contest today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Contest Hero For?

Contest Hero is designed for anyone who wants to attract more affiliates to their ClickBank launches by allowing them to create fully automated JV Contests quickly and easily.

If you want to attract more affiliates and fully automate the whole process Contest Hero is the tool for you.

How Many Contests Can I Create?

With Contest Hero you have the ability to create unlimited contests for each launch, this means you can create pre launch contests, mid launch contests, closing contests, even monthly or annual contests, as well as your main launch contest.

This gives you full flexibility and control over every single product you launch.

Why Did You Create Contest Hero?

We launch a lot of products on ClickBank and the truth is there wasn't anything out there that can run automated JV contests on the ClickBank platform, so we created Contest Hero out of necessity to help us get more sales from our own launches. 

How Easy is it to Set up my Contests?

We have designed Contest Hero to make setting up your JV Contests a breeze, in fact it's so easy a 10 year old can do it. Simply follow our step by step instructions and you can set up your first contest in around 5 minutes.

I'm Non Techy, Can I Use Contest Hero?

Absolutely, we have made installing and using Contest Hero as easy as possible and all you need to do is follow our simple step by step instructions and you can be running your first contest within 5 minutes, regardless of technical ability.

How Much Experience do You Have?

We launched our first product on ClickBank in 2006 and have generated millions of dollars in sales since then. So we know how ClickBank works and have created a tool that can help you maximise sales from any launch you run on the ClickBank platform.

Can I Use Contest Hero on Launches I Run With JV Partners?

If you launch with a JV Partner you would need to purchase our Launch Pro plan, this would enable you to work with your JV partners. Please note that this is for working with JV partners only. If you wanted to install Contest Hero for clients then you would need to purchase an Agency License.

Can I Install Contest Hero on my Clients Websites?

All of our plans are designed for a single user with the exception of our Launch Pro plan that allows you to work with a JV partner that you are partnering on a launch with. If you wanted to install Contest Hero for clients or as a JV Manager then you would need to purchase an Agency License to be able to do this.

Will Contest Hero Integrate With my Websites?

Absolutely, Contest Hero gives you the ability to fully customize the look and feel of your contests and it can be edited to blend in with the design of your JV page. So your leaderboards will look amazing.

What Kind of Support do You Offer if I Need Help or Have Questions?

We take great pride in the support we offer and can help you with any questions you may have, plus if you invest in our Launch Pro package will will assign you with your very own contest support manager.

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* Requires at Least The Launch Intermediate Plan
** The Concierge Setup Service Means We Can Set up Your Contest For a 1 Time Fee of Only $97